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Christmas Memories

from Christmas

in the Park

I was a bad boy

one year

By Paul Jay Gregory

Back when I was a young boy, my father worked for the PTC - Philadelphia Transportation Corp. They had time off that year because of a strike. Mom or dad did not have much money for Christmas gifts. Mom gave us a paper and pen and told us to write three gifts we would like to have. My brother and my sisters got two gifts each. I got a box with coal in it, because I was a bad boy.

Christmas Memories

By Dolores Erlenbush

My Christmas memories include the years 1944, 1945 and 1946. My grandmother lived across the street from the Baptist Church my parents and us kids attended. The Christmases of the years mentioned grandma put presents under the tree at church. I was always so excited. The presents included a 10x4x4 little cedar chest, one was a hairbrush and mirror set and the last was a heart shaped locket necklace. I still have all of these, very precious. My grandma died before Christmas 1947.

Mrs. Johnson’s  6th Grade

Short Stories

On My Elf’s Day Off

On my elf’s day off he would go to the mall and he would get Santa Claus some machines that would build all of the toys!

Then he would go to the  piano lesson place and get some piano lessons in for Santa so he can play a song like “Jingle Bells” and “Silent Night.” Then Santa would be happy but then you decide  that “hey, why don’t I bake him some healthy cookies?” now you have to go to the store  and get the ingredients for them.

Now what else should he do???

The end

Olivia Kouf

A Christmas to Remember

I remember Christmas, 2018 my stepmom just moved from California and I just moved back from my grandma’s after living with her for two years. I was minding my own business watching 2 Fast to Furious, when my parents started acting suspicious. After about 5 minutes they told me

I had another present  to open. It took me a while to find it but when I did it was a board that said promotion to big sis - coming July 2019.

Lilly Klauzer

I think it is better to be a kid than an adult. You don’t have to worry about buying presents or getting a tree, setting up lights, and cooking, cleaning, making arrangements, or finding out what everyone wants. Then when you’re done with Christmas you don’t have to help anyone clean. When you’re a kid I think it is just over all the best.

By Ayden  Renner

Would you be Kid or Adult?

I would be a kid because you would get more presents and your parents will give you money. I would be a 6th grader because you are old enough to choose your on your own and you could buy your parents a gift so they don’t feel left out.

By Ronnie Ray Kloetzke


Best Christmas Gift Ever

My most special present is when I got to go see my grandparents in Petersburg, ND. This is special to me because I never get to see them. When we were there we baked cookies, had a tea party, and ice skated. We also got to see my cousins and we saw their puppy named Dock Blessum. He’s a great dog. The next day we opened presents and had lunch. That day was the best and that was my most favorite present ever!

By Ryann Gorder

Special Christmas Memory

What is your special Christmas memory? One of my special Christmas memories is when we have a saran wrap ball. Every year we do this. We like to do this because it is super fun for the adults and children. It is also a family tradition! In the kid saran wrap ball there are toys, chapstick, giftcards, and ect! The adults have their own saran wrap ball and instead of toys they have adult stuff. We all appreciate all the time and efforts the adults put into the saran wrap balls. Have a great Christmas!

Jayda Harbaugh

The Special Gift

Have you ever thought about the best gift you have been given? Well I have; it was last Christmas. We had to stay home because of Covid-19.  I still had an awesome time. When it came time to open presents; my mom handed me a big rectangle box. When I opened the box I was ecstatic. I saw the best gift; I was just sitting there stunned. Staring at my mom I was speechless. It was a laptop, the best gift.

By Cru Schwartz

How Many Gifts?

I think that kids should get as many presents as they ask Santa for. I mean all the rich kids do so why can’t we? Santa does promise to get the stuff every year and them you get socks. I think that’s preposterous. I do know that Santa is just my mom getting me presents but come on socks! You should at least get eight presents for the eight days of hanukkah but you get them all in one day and that should be eight from Santa. Then you have grandparents and parents, maybe siblings and cousins, uncles and aunts, and maybe even your great grandpa.

From your parents you should get at least two. One from all the other family members. So in total you should get about 14 or more presents a year. If my family follows this I should get at least 20 presents but I will most definitely get at least three from BJ and Joe so 22 presents. I will probably get mostly money from grandparents and uncles and aunts maybe, just maybe, a present and money.

In the situation of getting presents it would probably be better to be the kid because you don’t have to buy all the presents for all your kids. I mean like with my parents they have three kids. If they do the things in the last paragraph above then they alone have to buy thirty presents unless they get the one thing my brother truly wants which is $500 just for the one thing. It is a lego set with over 1000 pieces but still $500! Wow! That’s more than I’ll make for 5 years! Anyway I still think it is better to be the kid in this situation.

Yet being an adult does have its perks. If you are an adult you can buy presents without the judgement of the kids. You can also get presents from the kids and make the kids workl so they can buy the present. This year the adults are getting a bught present from me instead of a handmade card with nothing else. So it is better to be the kid but being an adult has its perks.

DeeAnna Hess

I am one of Santa’s elves and today is my day off. I am going to go to the mall to do some shopping for my family. I have 3 kids so I want to get them something special. I am going to grab a ham and some stuffing to make a holiday dinner. We will have it after I help Santa with the sleigh when he gets back from delivering gifts. We will have dinner and then play a lot of fun Christmas games. My mother and father will be coming over also. They live in the South Pole so they will be so happy to see us.

Bryleigh Arnold

As a sixth grader this is my opinion that kids really do have it best at Christmas time. Especially when you are younger like around 2-8. When you are younger you are not obligated to buy other people. Although gifts aren’t the main reason for Christmas, they are appreciated. Even when you get a little older you still receive gifts. When you are an adult you get like one or two gifts. Kids ultimately do have it best we get to wake up and have fun immediately. Sometimes Christmas for adults can be a bit stressful. That is why I think that kids do have it best at Christmas time.

Ophelia Nacey

Better to Be a Kid

I think it is better to be a kid on Christmas, because you get presents. And you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars. You get to do more stuff than the adults do. I also like that we don’t have to watch the younger kids, and do all the stuff for them.

Written by Jayden Hastig

Best Christmas Memory

Hello there! Today I’m going to be sharing one of my best Christmas memories. It all started when I was decorating the Christmas tree, eager to go skiing the next day. I was so excited I barely couldn’t sleep! By the time it was morning I was so excited. Even though I was kinda worried because it was my first time skiing. When we got there, we rented our skis and put our warm clothes on. Once we got done I learned how to attach the skiis and we got going! It was such a fun experience getting to see the huge beautiful mountains with the pretty white snow. I had a wonderful time!

Kamryn Miller

Why Kids Have it Better at Christmas

Kids have it better because they don’t have to cook or clean up the wrapping paper messes. They don’t have to worry about buying the presents or finding the perfect gift for others, they just get to play games, unwrap their presents, and eat the Christmas food. Adults on the other hand have to cook, clean, buy the presents, clean the house to make it look good, and put up the fancy lights outside on the house. Therefore I think that kids have it better than adults.

Iva Setinc

What do Santa’s elves do on his day off?

We bake cookies. We build snowmen and all the other Christmas stuff. But, the best part of all is the big gathering we have about the next year! Sure we have other gatherings. Not like this one! The lights are glistening. The sun is at its highest peak. The sense of acknowledgement rushes through your mind! It’s starting!

Madigan Shipstead

Why Kids Have it better on Christmas

As a sixth grader I think it’s better to be a kid on Christmas because you get the gifts, and don’t have to buy them. You get to stay up late that night. You get to wake up early in the morning. You just play with what you go.

Kredance Uecker

Is it better to be a kid or adult on Christmas?

As a 6th grader I think it is better to be an adult. If you’re a kid you get more presents than if you’re an adult. most times also when you’re a kid you may have an elf on the shelf. But if you’re an adult you don’t have to do christmas concerts. Adults also don’t have to go places on christmas if you don’t want to compared to when you’re a kid you get told where to go.

But if you are an adult you can go places on Christmas when you want. And that’s why I think it is better to be an adult on Christmas.

By Tegan Croy

What elves do on their day off?

Have you ever thought about what elves do on their time off? Well maybe they go home and spend time with their families. They have snowball fights with their kids. Drink hot chocolate and put up the tree and decorate it. Even put on skis and dash out the door (get out the door first though!) and go skiing. Decorate their house. Brush santa’s beard and use the vacuum cleaner to do their children’s hair. Anyway, these are just a few things that they might do.

Johanna Barth

Do you think it’s better to be a kid or Adult on Christmas

As a 6th  grader, I think  that it is better to be a kid because you get to talk first at family gatherings, and you don’t have to spend money on a gift for your parents, you can just make them one. Also it’s good because you get to stay up late and get up early for Christmas morning.

Natalie Noftsker

Merry Christmas,

Since it is that time of the year, I am writing about my favorite Christmas gift! My favorite Christmas gift I have got is a hoverboard! That was really nice and I was very thankful and grateful for it. I am so excited for Christmas and the day is about to come!! I hope you guys have a very Merry Christmas  and a happy New Year!!

Avery O’Connor


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