The Heart of Baker

NHS Members Lena Kennel, Alissa Schell, Halle Burdick and Caleb Ploeger.

By Lena Kennel

Normally, Baker’s High School’s NHS chapter performs acts of community service in ways such as clearing trash from the ditches just outside of town, making visits to Superior Care Villa and donating proceeds from cake raffles to various causes.

This year however, they found a way to get all of Baker’s students involved by participating in Whip Pediatric Cancer’s “Heart of Gold” program, with the goal to raise money for pediatric cancer research at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. For this fundraiser, each student was asked to decorate a golden heart made of cardstock and then return it with an optional donation. Lincoln and Longfellow students have already received and returned their decorated hearts and the high school students will be turning in their own contributions on Wednesday, Nov. 27. The hearts will then be displayed on the walls in each school to showcase Baker’s “Heart of Gold.”


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