Speech and Drama

Competing in Red Devil Territory

By Hannah Goerndt

November 16 was a successful day for the Baker Speech and Drama Team. The members woke up early Saturday morning in order to travel to their meet in Glendive. This was the third meet of the season and most participants are getting a firm grip on their pieces and working out any kinks. Some, like Rachel Rost and Caleb Rost, are finally ready to start competing. The sibling duo managed to place 2nd in Classical Theater. Bryce Shelhamer received 6th in Dramatic Oral Interpretation, and Cayla Duke placed 4th. Skylar Wall and Jolyn Rost took 2nd in Dramatic Duo, and Olivia Gunderson placed 4th in Humorous Solo. Hannah Goerndt received 1st in Dramatic Solo and Jalynn Hanes also took 1st in Pantomime. Zachery Craig placed 7th in Lincoln Douglas Debate. Overall the team scored 4th in Speech Sweeps and 2nd in Drama Sweeps.

Successful Circle Meet

The BHS Speech, Drama and Debate students had an excellent meet in Circle on Nov. 23. The drama students placed first overall, with Caleb Rost and Rachel Rost placing 1st in Classical Duo; Hannah Goerndt placing 2nd in Dramatic Solo; Jalynn Hanes placing 1st in Mime; Skylar Wall and Cayla Duke 2nd in Dramatic Duo; Olivia Gunderson 3rd in Humorous Solo. Bryce Shelhamer finished in 2nd place in DOI and Zach Craig brought home 4th place in LD Debate. Good job to all!


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