Honor Band and Choir

Plevna Honor Band and Choir: back row (l-r): Ashley Sander, Dacy Buerkle, Jaeda Paul and Chloe Tudor. Front row (l-r): Nick Buerkle, Jaiden Dulin, Jenna Paul, Cheyenne Farris and Seth Carroll.

By Dacy Buerkle

On Nov. 18 and 19, Mrs. Wagnon’s Honor Band and Choir traveled to Ashland to enjoy the company of many musicians from around the area high schools. They practiced the songs, which they were going to perform and then culminated the event with a grand concert Tuesday evening. The choir sang Festival Sanctus, An die Musik by Franz Schubert; Ad Astra by Jacob Narverud; Hold Me, Rock Me, by Brian Tate; and closing their portion of the program with Tres Cantos Nativos by Marcos Leite. The band played Amarito Roca by Jaime Texidor; First Suite in E by Gustav Holst; As Summer Was Just Beginning by Larry D. Daehn; they finished the concert with Gypsy Dance by Joseph Compello. The students were excited to experience singing and playing with a full band and choir. The concert was phenomenal!


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