Government Cake Baking Project

By Alissa Schell

In the last couple of weeks, the seniors in Mrs. Hoversland’s government class have been studying federalism, the division of power between the state and federal governments. These students have been doing research on controversial topics, such as gun control and abortion, and making presentations about their relation to federalism.

These projects aren’t just your average PowerPoints, however. These presentations have a tasty twist, the students get to make cake! Along with the information they had to gather and share with the class, the students also got to bake and decorate a cake relating to their topic. After determining whether their topic was based on cooperative federalism or dual federalism, the students would bake either a marble cake or a layered cake to represent one of these opposing forms of federalism. The students were then able to decorate their cakes to convey their topics in whatever way their creative minds saw fit. This assignment was a fun-filled, delicious break from these students’ typical load of classwork!


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