16th Wild Game Feed sees an excellent turnout

By Shannon Johnson

One of the largest fundraising events in Fallon County, Montana had its largest turnout this year, seeing more than the 1,000 people they had seating for. “We didn’t run out of food though,” noted Wendy Wagner. The 16th Annual Stan Wagner Memorial Wild Game Feed took place out at the Fallon County Fairgrounds in the livestock barns on Nov. 16.

They began serving at 4 p.m. There were thirteen different dishes made with wild game prepared by Jake Wagner of Hanging W Meats, as well as other area cooks.

The event ran until about 12:30 a.m., and there was plenty to do to keep entertained throughout the evening. Along with enjoying great food with good people, there were games for the kids with prizes, “Every kid that played got a prize this year,” explained Wendy. Some of the kid’s prizes included cash, a big screen television, guns and a game console.

The winners of the reverse raffle were Danae Wiseman, winning the third-place prize of three Henry commemorative guns, a gentleman from Minnesota, winning the second-place prize of a $3,000 gift certificate to Guns and Things and Robert Livsey taking the first-place prize, which was ten guns.

Some of the other items that were won throughout the night included many guns, a hog hunt in Oklahoma, a trip to the NFR and many others!


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