Veterans Day Honor Program

By Chloe Tudor

Mrs. Wagnon’s Veterans Day Honor Program was held on Nov. 11 in the Plevna School Gymnasium. Mrs. Spenser’s 5th grade class greeted guests as they arrived handing out programs.  Mr. Schumacher opened the program with a welcome, thanking all of the Veterans for serving our great country. Following this was a presentation of colors, presented by FFA members Trinity Rieger and Bret Edgell accompanied by Veteran Lamar Wagnon. Next, Mrs. Bidwell’s kindergarten class recited the poem Veterans Day by Cheryl Dyson, after which they led the audience in the Pledge of Allegiance. The Concert Band followed the pledge with the Star Spangled Banner. Mrs. Downing’s 1st grade class explained the history of the this national anthem written by Francis Scott Key. Soon after the concert band played Fanfare for the Common Man, to honor the common people who served our country as soldiers and returned as heroes in our eyes. Mrs. Oberlander’s 2nd grade class presented Navy Uniforms throughout history. They displayed Service Dress Uniforms, Dinner Dress Uniforms and Work Uniforms. Mrs. Oberlander wore her father’s uniform to honor his part in the Navy. The Cougar Cadet Choir sang We Honor You in perfect harmony. Mrs. Benner’s 3rd grade demonstrated the proper way to fold the American Flag. Addy Fadness and Wiley Thielen folded the flag as the other 3rd grade students told what each fold represented. The 4th grade class had a reenactment of the Iwo Jima Flag raising during

WWII. They identified and gave some background on thelag raisers who are a part of the Iwo Jima U.S. Marine Corp Memorial: Corporal Harlon Block, Private First Class Rene Gagnon, Private First Class Ira Hayes, Private First Class Harold Schultz, Private First Class Franklin Sousley, and Sergeant Michael Strank. The Concert Choir followed this with the beautiful song Let Freedom Ring. Pastor Josh then shared a prayer for peace; Mr. Schumacher followed the prayer with a history on Armistice Day later to be known as Veterans Day by Dwight D. Eisenhower. Concluding the program, Mr. Schumacher thanked our Veterans for fighting and giving us the freedoms we now hold dear in our great country, the United States of America.


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