Tamale Tuesday

Move over Taco Tuesday and make room for Tamale Tuesday! Mrs. Bettenhausen’s Spanish I, II, III and IV classes were the recipients of a special treat when Sam Griffith and her parents, Lisa and Todd, decided to  make chicken tamales to help in the celebration of the Day of the Dead. Sam stated, “My family makes tamales a lot so we thought it would be cool to bring in some for my classmates to try. We have a lot of fun making them, generally we make a couple hundred at a time. We freeze a bunch of them and give a lot to family.” Along with delicious tamales, the students also sampled churros, flan, chocolate brownies and sugar cookies. Ashlyn Lutts and her mom made churros, but unfortunately broke her mom’s star tip in the process. Ashlyn said, “I enjoyed making these with my mom, licking my fingers after I tossed the churros with cinnamon and sugar was great. This was the first time I had made them and I had never before even eaten them. I would definitely make them again. Anika Ploeger made a tasty treat of chocolate brownies, in honor of the Aztecs who revered chocolate as the “food of the gods”. Faith Hansen and her mom made flan. Faith said, “My mom has made it before. We made two batches, the first batch didn’t turn out perfect, so my mom and step-dad ate that.” Macy Varner and Teja Dietz both brought in cookies, which were much appreciated! All the students agreed that it was a “muy delicioso almuerzo” and they are very appreciative of their classmates (and their parents!) hard work. Buen provecho y muchas gracias!


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