Plevna Fire Dept.shares Fire Safety with Elementary

By Jenna Paul

This year’s Fire Prevention Week theme was “Not all Heroes Wear Capes.” The Plevna Fire Department Chief Kalyn Bohle came to discuss fire safety. He said, “Being a Fire Chief is like coaching a basketball team. He has to keep track of what all the other firefighters are doing and make sure they are safe.” They discussed escape plans for their homes. When fire alarms go off, stay low! If you cannot leave the room, put a towel under your door and stay there. The presentation also included information about grass fires. The elementary students learned that you could not out drive these fires. During one dry year, they responded to grass fires 13 days in a row! Thankfully, this year there were only two grass fires. Chief Bohle showed them how the heat sensor works when it is too dark or too smoky to see people in danger. He finished his presentation by providing the Elementary students with Junior Firefighter t-shirts from the Plevna Fire Department.


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