Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I would like to thank the Baker community and specifically Reynolds, Napa and the Baker police officer. I stopped in Baker on Tuesday evening to pick up a few groceries on my way home which is 35 miles west of Baker. I had been driving all day from visiting family in southeastern South Dakota and it was cold and windy.

I purchased some groceries and returned to my car and when putting the grocery bags in the car and my wallet, keys and phone, I must have hit the door lock and when I stepped back, the door shut and locked.

Thank you Reynolds for allowing me to use your phone to call home twice to let my husband know my dilemma. NAPA (Cameron?) suggested I call the police officer and so I called dispatch and the officer came to stand out in the cold and work to get my door open which he was able to do in a few minutes. When I started the car, the horn alarm started and the key fob would not work. A battery was purchased at Ace, the battery was replaced in the key fob by NAPA’s employee, and the alarm finally silenced after he spent several minutes in the cold.

My husband was ready to drive to Baker with the extra vehicle key, but thanks to the cheerful help from several in the Baker community, I was on my way and I returned home extremely thankful for “small town kindness”.

Love where I live and am very grateful for all those who helped me get on my way back home.

Cathi Peila

Ismay, MT


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