3rd graders present Ecosystems

By Hannah Goerndt

When learning about ecosystems, Mrs. Schell’s third grade class let their creative ideas flow. The students were given a day to plan out what they were going to do, then they had three days to put their creations together, and the results were outstanding. The students used a combination of clay, fabric, toys and paint to create their models.

The first group consisted of Bentley Hester, Alexis Connolly and Elias Havens. The three chose a safari ecosystem. A Tropical Rainforest was picked by Tatum Alderman, Kenadi Croy and Allie Shepherd. Nathan Kruger, Emory Uecker and Sophia Heaton decided to design a desert. Brady Graham, Kyra Counsell and Tatem Miller chose the ocean. Last but not least, Sylvia Rabbitt, Melinda Cummings and Ryan Griffith did their project on a coniferous forest and  they added a “Cloudypus”, which is a platypus resting on top of a cloud, to their creation. Each student agreed that the assignment was fun and they enjoyed making their projects.


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