Spartans stomp the Colts

By Jacob Wang

On Oct. 25, the 3-4 Baker Spartans hosted the 3-4 Colstrip Colts for the last game of the regular season. This was a very big game as the winner would go to the playoffs and the loser was done for the season. Friday was also Senior Parents’ Night for the Spartans. The senior players, Trent Collins, Dillon Hickey, Bryce Hufford, Collin Hunter, Teight Madler, Riley O’Donnell, O’Connell Qualley, Ethan Reichenberg and Jacob Wang, were introduced along with their parents/guardians.

Kickoff was at 7 p.m. and Baker received the ball. Baker returned the kickoff and got good field position to start their first drive. On the first play Riley O’Donnell threw a 72 yard touchdown pass to Teight Madler. For the 2 point conversion, Riley threw another pass to Teight to make the score 8-0 within the first minute. The Spartans then kicked off to the Colts and began battling on defense. Both teams played hard and the Colts managed to score a touchdown. They kicked off and Teight Madler received and returned the kick for another touchdown, this time a 76 yard run! Throughout the rest of the first quarter both teams played hard and at the end of the quarter the score was Baker 22 Colstrip 6.

The second quarter started out much like the first, with the Spartans dominating the field on offense and defense. In the second quarter the Colts managed to score 8 more points while the Spartans scored 28 more points! At half time the score was Baker 50 Colstrip 14.

The second half was not quite as eventful as the first for the Spartans. In the third quarter the Spartans didn’t score while Colstrip scored another touchdown. In the fourth quarter the Colts scored a touchdown but the Spartans couldn’t manage to get into the end zone. With under a minute left in the game Colstrip took possession of the ball inside their own 5 yard line. The quarterback got the ball and Tarin DeGrand sacked him in his own end zone which resulted in a safety meaning 2 more points for the Spartans and Colstrip had to kick the ball to them. The final score of the game was the Baker Spartans 52 the Colstrip Colts 28. The Baker Spartans will travel to Eureka for the first round of the playoffs.

Teight Madler and Riley O’Donnell were the leading scorers with 20 points each. Garrett Lesh had 6 points. Dillon Hickey had 4 points. Tarin DeGrand had 2 points.

Riley O’Donnell had 20 carries for 138 yards. Dillon Hickey had 16 carries for 62 yards.

Riley had 8 complete passes out of 11 for a total of 193 yards.

Teight Madler had 7 receptions for 164 yards.

Jacob Wang was the leading tackler with 7 tackles and 2 quarterback sacks and knocked down a pass. Riley O’Donnell and Ethan Reichenberg each had 6 tackles.

Konner Flint and Riley O’Donnell each had a fumble recovery. Konner Flint also had an interception.


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