Two candidates vie for Baker City Council seat

By Shannon Johnson

Brittany Hoversland, a long-time resident of Fallon County, is running for the Ward 2 City Council seat. “People don’t run for these types of positions if they don’t actually want to help, I don’t feel,” said Hoversland. “You’re running for City Council because you actually care what’s going to happen. This is where I’m going to live the rest of my life and my kids are going to grow up here, so I’m vested, as are the other members of the council.”

“If you know you’re vested in this community then the people that run for these positions are all in it to make it better,” she added.

Hoversland attended Plevna High School, where she graduated in 2005 before attending college at the University of Montana in Missoula. Originally, she went to school to become a lawyer, but she has always had a passion for politics, so that quickly changed to teaching as she switched her major to history and political science. “I’ve always had a passion for politics and public policy,” she explained. “I really am passionate about public policy and trying to solve problems before they actually are problems.” Hoversland graduated from the University of Montana with her bachelor’s degree in 2010.

After graduation she moved to Terry, MT. During her two years of teaching in Terry, she got engaged to Jay Hoversland, an art teacher and a coach at Baker High School. She moved back to the area in 2013. She and her husband reside in Baker, remaining active in the school and raising their four children ages 12, 6, 5 and 2. Along with teaching at Baker High School, she also coaches junior high girls’ basketball and is the advisor for the Spartanettes as well as Close-Up.

In 2016, Hoversland received her master’s degree in political science from a military university, American Public University. She continually tries to become more knowledgeable through serving on several local boards, “I kind of have some political goals and aspirations. Someday in my long-term goals I want to run for State Legislature,” she explained. “So one of the things that I have been doing the last few years is I’ve been on the planning board, I’m on church council, and I serve in our teacher’s union as an officer just trying to get experience in learning how boards work and how budgets work.”

Hoversland is eager for the possibility of being able to further serve her community through one of her passions, “I don’t know why, but government, how it works, law, and public policy I just love,” she gushed.

Current City Council member, Leigh Ann LaCroix, is running for a second term to serve on the Ward 2 Council Seat. “I have been a city councilor for four years. I am currently running for my second term,” noted LaCroix.

LaCroix attended Ranburne High School in Ranburne, AL, where she graduated in 2002. She married Justin LaCroix. Together they have two children, fifteen-year-old Havyn and seven-year-old Blakely.

LaCroix served in the US Air Force from 2008 until 2012 and has been working on furthering her education, career, and community since. “I am currently an administrative assistant at Direct Electric, as well as an online student at Escoffier as I am building my way towards opening a bakery. I serve on the City of Baker Sick Leave Board and the Street Committee as we are discussing the future of Baker’s streets and how to improve them,” she explained.

The Baker community has become important to LaCroix and her family, which initially gave her the push to run for her first term. “My initial interest was sparked by individuals in the community encouraging me to run; I chose to pursue the position because I wanted to be more active in the community,” she said. “I ran again because I enjoy actively working towards building a better community.”

LaCroix has learned a lot in her past four years on the City Council and enjoys doing her part to serve her community. “I have not been a stranger to asking questions when I have felt unsure about certain requests and/or decisions. It is not always the easiest position to serve in; however, it has definitely been an educational position,” she said. “My four years as a city council member has been a great experience. I have learned so much about the city and the necessary processes. I hope to continue serving the community in this position.”

”Over the course of the past seven years, this community has become home to us. We will be here for many years to come,” LaCroix added. “As a mom, future business owner, and hopeful second term city council member I would love to continue bettering the community for our future generations.”


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