5th grade visit Carter County Museum

Fifth graders at the Carter County Museum.

By Jenna Paul and Jaeda Paul

Carter County Museum, the first museum in Montana, was founded in 1936. It was the first to have displays on dinosaurs. Around 75 million years ago, Carter County was the home to various species of dinosaurs! One can find marshes that bordered the Pierre Sea, which covered most of eastern Montana. They have the skeleton of a duckbill, as well as skulls of Triceratops, Pachycephalosaurus, and a Nanotyrannus on display. Those sure are some big names! The Hadrosaur on display is one of only five specimens found in the United States. This dinosaur was found only thirty miles west of Ekalaka!

On Sept. 27, Mrs. Spencer’s fifth grade class traveled to the Carter County Museum to enjoy the many treasures as they get ready to start their Native American studies and projects. They learned about the different tribes and regions and saw many artifacts from the Plains Tribes. They also learned about the history of the Carter County area. Overall, they had a wonderful time learning about Carter County.


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