4th grade headdresses

Back row (l-r): Emma Thielen, Dina Beyers, Danika Steen, Claire Schumacher, Jackson Robertus, Blaine Buerkle, Colton Lane; front row (l-r): Hunter Hines, Trace Poppe

By Izzy Cuppy

Ms. Russell helped the fourth grade class learn about headdresses around the world. They looked at a Prussian Army Officer’s Cap, Scottish Feather Bonnet, African Ceremonial Headdress, and the Native American Indian War Bonnet. They learned that the Native American headdress is also called a bonnet. Headdresses are feathered headgear traditionally worn by male leaders of the Plains Native American Nations who have earned great respect. Originally, they were worn into battle, but they are now primarily used for ceremonies. These headdresses are seen as items of great spiritual and political importance. They are only to be worn by those who have earned the right and honor through formal recognition by their people. Native American tribes consider the eagle feather to be one of the highest marks of respect, earned through selfless acts or gifted for service in the community or nation. The fourth graders then made their own headdresses, to show they are a “good citizen of their tribe”. They chose colors of feathers and wrote one good thing it represents.


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