Spartan JV gives the Eagles a run for their money

By O’Connell Qualley

On Sept. 28, the Spartan JV football team traveled to Sidney, MT to play the Eagles at 11 a.m. under cold and windy conditions. The game began with the Eagles kicking off the ball to the Spartans to receive; the Spartans had a decent return and the battle commenced. The teams battled back and forth the entire first half, with neither team successfully scoring. Although the Eagles got into the Red Zone a few times, the Spartan’s defense was able to withstand the Eagles offense for the first half.

The Spartans came out after halftime and kicked the ball off to the Eagles; the Eagles returned the ball to about the 30 yard line. The battling resumed until finally the Eagles ran a sweep and got outside of the Spartan’s defense and scored. The Eagles tried to run it in for the PAT, but the Spartan’s defense stood the Eagles up and kept them out of the end zone. At the end of the third quarter, the score was the Eagles 6 and the Spartans 0. Despite relentless attempts and tough playing, the Spartans were unable to score, although they did keep the Eagles from scoring again. The game ended 6-0 in favor of the Eagles. Jaxson Tronstad said, “We played great as a team especially for only having twelve kids and we never gave up.”


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