2019 Homecoming Royalty


By Hannah Goerndt

The gloomy skies of Sept. 30 could not compare to the atmosphere inside the High School Gym. The student body eagerly listened as Spartanette hostesses Macy Varner and Addison Bryan introduced the Homecoming crown bearers and candidates. First graders Treylan Harbaugh and Kazden Hoversland led the excited royalty into the gym. The first to enter the gym was Trent Collins escorting Halle Burdick. Following was Shelby Moore escorted by Teight Madler. Next up was Macee Hadley with her escort Riley O’Donnell. Last but not least was Jacob Wang escorting his sister Katie Wang. The tension was high as the four boys stood in front of the audience. After much anticipation, Addison placed the crown on Teight Madler, whose father, Rick Madler, had won the title of King 35 years ago. In turn, Teight then had the honor of crowning the Queen. The girls waited with bated breath to see who would be receiving the crown. All was revealed as Teight placed the crown upon Katie Wang as the 2019 Homecoming Queen. The band concluded the ceremony with the school song. As the students exited the gym, it was clear that this was only the beginning of a fun-filled week.


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