MS volleyball starts the season off great

The first matches of the year for MS volleyball were on Sept. 7 against Buffalo.

The 7th graders, in their first volleyball games ever, won 3 of 5. They had 15 pass set hits and 30 aces. Hope Gonsioroski and Kyal Hadley had some great plays on the net and brought a bunch of energy.

The 8th graders came out quiet and nervous, according to coach Sheila O’Connor, but they rallied and won 3 out of 5. The girls had 50 pass set hits, with 20 leading to kills. Kaytlynn Gaub had some beautiful sets and Mallory Varner had some great net plays to put the ball down. Jessica Stark and Carlee Gundlach scored several aces to help their team secure the win.

MS volleyball vs. Beach

On Sept. 10, the ladies traveled to Beach. The 7th graders won all 3 in only 40 minutes. They had 35 aces and Kyal Hadley and Emily Burdick played great games with some excellent sets. Rebecca Qualley, Hope Gonsioroski and Kyal Hadley combined for 7 kills.

The 8th graders only played 3 matches as well, winning all 3 with a total of 25 aces. They only had 6 pass set hits but had 6 net plays that resulted in 12 kills. Playing extremely hard, the girls only had 4 missed serves for the day.

MS volleyball vs. Wibaux

On Sept. 12 the Middle School volleyball teams traveled to Wibaux. The 7th graders played well, winning 5 of 5. The girls had 45 aces, 8 pass set hits, and 8 kills.  Coach Sheila O’Connor commented that they are learning to transition quicker and attack the ball.

The 8th graders won 5 of 5 also; they had 25 pass set hits and 25 aces. Mallory Varner and Jessica Stark had some outstanding hits, while Saraya Afrank and Karissa Afrank had some great digs and good team play.

MS volleyball travels to Forsyth

On Sept. 17, in Forsyth, the 7th graders won 3 of 3, finishing the competition with 20 aces, 10 pass set hits and 13 kills. Rebecca Qualley and Danica Shepherd had several good net plays and Sophia Tudor had some good hustle plays to help her team.

The 8th graders also won 3 of 3 and only had 7 missed serves in total. They had 20 pass set hits and 7 net plays that led to 15 kills. Kaytlynn Gaub and Karissa Afrank are setting up the girls to hit the ball and it’s fun watching the girls improve every game.  They are starting to move as a team and are talking well.


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