2019 Baker High School Homecoming Candidates

Back l-r: Riley O’Donnell, Trent Collins, Jacob Wang and Teight Madler. Front l-r: Macee Hadley, Katie Wang, Shelby Moore and Halle Burdick

By Hannah Goerndt

The 2019 Homecoming Candidates were announced on Sept. 17. Katie Wang, daughter of Dean and Karen Wang, is one of the lucky four girls nominated for Queen. Katie spends her time on the court during volleyball season or leading the school as Student Body President. She is also an active participant in Spartanettes.

Halle Burdick, daughter of Quentin and Lisa Burdick, is another that has been chosen as a candidate. She is well known for taking part in Spartanettes, National Honor Society and SADD, as well as being Student Body Vice President. Halle also shows her school spirit on the volleyball court beside her team.

The third candidate elected is Macee Hadley, daughter of Jarrett and Robyn Hadley. Macee is fond of playing volleyball alongside her fellow candidates. But that’s not all she does, Macee also takes part in Spartanettes and National Honor Society, and leads her class as Class President.

The last candidate selected for Queen is Shelby Moore, daughter of Bruce and Stacey Moore. Shelby Moore is the senior class Vice President. She is also involved in Spartanettes. Shelby enjoys showing her competitiveness on the volleyball court and dominating with her hits.

As for the king candidates, they are just as competitive on the field. Teight Madler, son of Rick and Mona Madler, is one of the four boys elected as a candidate for King. Teight occupies his time playing football with his team. When not on the field, Teight enjoys volunteering with the Baker Fire Department.

The second candidate is Trent Collins, son of Brock and Brook Collins. Trent enjoys playing football alongside the other candidates. Trent is also passionate about playing golf, and he assisted his team in getting third place last year at state.

Riley O’Donnell, son of Jodie and Casey O’Donnell, is another that has been chosen for King. Riley is acknowledged for his spirit on the football field as well as the basketball court. As quarterback, Riley hopes to lead the Spartans to victory during the Homecoming football game on Friday, Oct. 4 against Huntley Project.

Jacob Wang, the fourth and final candidate, is the son of Dean and Karen Wang. Jacob is well known for playing football with his fellow nominees. As well as playing football, Jacob spends his weekends taking part in High School Rodeo, where he is currently leading the steer-wrestling standings for state.


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