Little Beaver Conservation District denies Pennel Creek dam

By Shannon Johnson

On Sept. 4 a public meeting was held at the Senior Citizens Center at 4:10 p.m. to review a 310 application that was submitted with the purpose of putting a dam in Pennel Creek with a spillway that would go across a field and into a natural drainage area, as well as a pipeline with a diversion with the purpose of harvesting and collecting the water that runs by in the spring for use in June and July.

Several families that live on Pennel Creek as well as some business owners gathered, to voice their concerns about this project to the Little Beaver Conservation District. Some of the concerns that were discussed, included the ecosystems in Pennel Creek, the silting, the concern of the reservoir busting, and other people’s use of the creek.

After roughly thirty minutes of deliberation and discussion, a motion to deny the project application was made. That motion was seconded, and the Little Beaver Conservation District unanimously was in favor of the motion. The applying party is welcome at this time to appeal the conservation district’s decision through the state.


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