Introducing the New Student Council

By Hannah Goerndt and Zach Craig

Fun is what draws communities closer, creates interest, and gives someone something to look forward to, with the hope that everyone will work harder because of it. Fun seems to be the goal of new student body president, Katie Wang. Katie was elected at the end of the 2018-19 school year along with vice president, Halle Burdick; secretary, Zachery Craig; and treasurer, Hannah Goerndt.

Katie is a senior and has already brought the community of students at Baker High School together with new social media account “bakerhsstudents” on Instagram, where members of the student body are free to introduce themselves and tell about their summer activities. At her side is fellow senior, Halle Burdick, fulfilling the role as her vice president. You’ll hear these two every Monday, announcing events and leading the Pledge of Allegiance.

One of the works in progress projects is a proposed bi-weekly drawing for all students, with a variety of prizes being offered. The Student Council also wants to encourage students to participate in all Homecoming events, so special prizes will be awarded during Homecoming Week. To start the year off, Mrs. Bettenhausen sponsored a drawing at the first Student Council meeting. Two lucky students, Katie Wang and Teja Dietz, were the winners of a box of chocolates from Mrs. Bettenhausen’s vacation trip this year and a gift certificate to Otto’s Coffee Shoppe.


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