2019 District Leadership Schooling held in Wibaux

Nick Buerkle, Chloe Tudor and Dacy Buerkle at DLS

By Chloe Tudor

On Sept. 4, Chloe Tudor, Dacy Buerkle, Nick Buerkle and Mrs. Menees traveled to Wibaux for District Leadership Schooling. They arrived and had a supper consisting of taco in a bag with an assortment of different treats from which to choose. After eating, the juniors and seniors left the gym, while the students that were left stayed for their activity. Kyla Andres and Anna Slivka conducted the 8th grade in a Sophomore Leadership Event. Their activities showed the students just how individual every person is, and how their choices and aspirations all differ somehow from one another. They introduced the students to the idea that short-term goals can lead you to achieve your long-term goals.

State Officers, Caroline Roeder and Andrew Ferrat lead the juniors and seniors in a leadership activity. The members were split up into two groups. While one group worked together to come up with the benefits of being an Ag teacher, the other group came up with some barriers of being an Ag teacher. The groups then joined and presented their benefits and barriers to each other. Then they decided if any of the benefits could cancel out the barriers. After this activity, the students learned how to plan their goals as well as the benefits of planning these goals. The FFA members ended their workshop with a fun game. Overall the members enjoyed the fun night and learned many ideas about planning and reaching their goals.


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