Fallon County EMS Grant awarded

On August 19, 2019 the Fallon County, Fallon County Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and Eastern Plains Economic Development Corporation (EPEDC) received notification from the Montana Department of Transportation that the EMS Department would be receiving $43,200 in grant funds for the purchase of a Stryker Power Cot and Power Load System. This grant was written by EPEDC and submitted by the Fallon County EMS Department.

Eastern Plains Economic Development Corporation (EPEDC), which serves Fallon, Carter, Wibaux, Prairie, and Dawson County is committed to providing the support needed for a better economy in eastern Montana through grant writing, business development and technical assistance.  EPEDC employs Beth Epley, Executive Director and Ashley Bonamie, Community Development Specialist,  in their Baker office to assist businesses, nonprofits and governments in promoting economic development and diversification.

The Montana Department of Transportation offers grants to support emergency medical services because they found that the provision of care that is administered by professional paramedics and emergency medical technicians before the patient reaches the hospital – known as prehospital emergency medical services – is a critical component of Montana’s health care system. The availability of prehospital emergency medical services can improve the medical outcome for people suffering medical emergencies and may improve the safety of motorists on Montana roads by providing emergency response to vehicle crash sites.

Fallon County EMS Director Lisa Mitchell actively sought funding for the Stryker Power-Load System and the Power Cot because of the critical service it provides for both patient and EMS safety. The Stryker Power-Load is a powered cot fastening system which allows EMS personnel to do their jobs more safely by raising, lowering, loading and unloading the cot at the touch of a button. This automated loading system is critical in reducing the risk of debilitating back injuries for EMS caregivers. Most importantly, the Stryker Power-LOAD provides improved patient care and stability in the transportation by ensuring high-quality security. By purchasing a Stryker Power-LOAD system, Fallon County EMS can reduce wear and damage on their primary ambulance, provide consistency of service regardless of which unit responds to a call, preserve back health of volunteer EMTs and ensure the safety of the patient during transport.

To learn more about Eastern Plains Economic Development Corporation go to epedc.com or come to our office at 101 S. Main Street, Baker (Nstyl Building).


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