Discussion of forming a special improvement district

By Shannon Johnson

The City of Baker held an informational meeting on Sept. 4 at 8 p.m. in the courtroom at the Fallon County Courthouse regarding the potential for the formation of special improvement district for the city streets.

The purpose of forming a special improvement district would be to make needed repairs on some streets, as well as doing preventative maintenance, such as chipping and sealing, on streets that are still in good condition.

Property owners in the district would see a property tax increase of an estimated $300-$500 annually per lot for five years to fund the improvements.

As of now the special improvement district has not been formed. If it is formed, the city will send out letters to all the property owners in the district. Once they have received that, they will have the option to submit a written protest with the properties that they own. Following that, they will hold a protest hearing and decide whether they will move forward with the improvements or not.


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