Fifth grade saves “Fred”

Caleb McLachlan and Abagayel Stonebrink working together to save “Fred”.

By Dacy Buerkle

On Aug. 22, Mrs. Spencer’s fifth grade class worked together in a team building activity to save “Fred”. In this activity, the fifth graders were given a small amount of supplies to save “Fred”, the gummy worm, from drowning. “Fred”, the gummy worm, was on the water boating without his life jacket, a gummy lifesaver. Unfortunately, his boat capsized leaving him stranded on top while his life jacket was under his boat, a plastic cup. The fifth graders were split into teams, and each team was given only four paper clips to save “Fred”. The fifth graders were not allowed to touch “Fred” or his life jacket and could only use the paper clips to pull the life jacket out from beneath the boat. Overall the students had a blast learning how to work together as a team to reach their goals.


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