Fallon County Fair brings excitement to Baker

By Shannon Johnson

Last week the 2019 Fallon County Fair took place. Although the fair board came across a few hang ups with securing a carnival, they pulled some strings and got games in the Midway for the families to enjoy! Folks of all ages came out to enjoy the many things the fair had to offer from the seven food vendors and twenty-two merchandise vendors, to the games that were provided to families for free, the rodeo, derby, and of course Friday night’s Xtreme Night and Saturday night’s musical entertainment. “Personally, I think they did a good job especially seeing as they had the rides cancel on them a month before the fair,” Levi Watson, a Baker resident, commented. “It was very cool that they made it free for everyone.”

“I won’t lie, I felt bad for the kids that there wasn’t any carnival rides, but I do believe the fair board did a great job scrambling at the last couple of weeks to pull off a good fair for all,” said Baker resident Sheena Veazey. “One of my favorites was the bubble machine. It made me smile to watch kids chasing the bubbles. What a great idea. Something so simple brought so much joy!”

Friday night’s Xtreme night added the unique experience of jousting along with bull riding. “By far my favorite thing was the jousting,” Sheena said. “I could watch that for hours, and trust me, the crowd was really into it!”

“Also, the jousting,” exclaimed Baker local, Carrie Gundlach. “I had always wanted to see that in person and I did this weekend! [Jousting] takes courage, strength, and the art of knowing how to play smart for safety!”

Saturday morning brought with it the worry of the parade being rained out, but the rain held off as residents gathered on the chilly August morning to watch the parade. Saturday continued to be a fun-filled day with plenty of bustle and excitement between the games, free stage acts, rodeo, the Uncle Kracker concert, and of course the fair food! “Of course, the fair food is always yummy,” added Sheena.

“I enjoyed myself being able to try all of the different foods and the different events,” explained Levi.

The rodeo tickets were sponsored by Spiffy’s this year, allowing everyone to attend the rodeo free of charge! “People really appreciated Spiffy’s free tickets,” noted fairground manager, Shyla Hadley. “The rodeos were consistently good.”

“I also feel like C-5 provides amazing rough stock for the rodeos,” added local Christy Kahler Follmer.

After an exciting night seeing Uncle Kracker on Saturday, Sunday commenced in full swing with another day of rodeo as well as a classic favorite, the demolition derby! “The derby and the concert had a good turnout, and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves,” said Levi.

Before all of the excitement, however, residents gathered for Cowboy Church at 10 A.M.  The service was put on by the American/Peace Lutheran Church, the Assembly of God Church, the Lakeview Baptist Church, and the Changed for Life Church. The music was led by Don Buerkle, Julie Stanhope, Robin Menger, and Libby Solberg and the sermon was delivered by Pastor Scott Kiehn of the Lutheran Church.

With the 2019 fair behind us, you can be sure the fair board will be hard at work trying to ensure that 2020’s fair doesn’t disappoint! “We always try to get a carnival first,” explained Hadley regarding next year’s Midway. With or without the carnival, we can be sure that they will come up with something to make 2020’s fair a success!

“All in all it was a great 2019 fair,” smiled Sheena.


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