Plevna School District class supply list


1 box #2 pencils to share (plain please)*

1 box Kleenex

2-3 big erasers

1 box 24 twistable Crayons*

Large pencil box

3 glue sticks*

Liquid glue


1-inch – 3-ring binder with clear view front cover pocket

Gym shoes

Paint shirt (an old t-shirt works fine)

Blanket for rest time if you’d like (No pillows please)

Box of snack crackers/granola bars/healthy snack to share*

If you’d like to help out our classroom, you can also bring:

snack/sandwich/quart size Ziploc bags

Lysol disinfecting wipes

Lysol disinfecting spray

*needs to be replenished throughout the year

Grade 1

1 box 24 Crayola crayons

1 box Crayola colored pencils

8 glue sticks (white please)

2 dry-erase markers

1 plastic pencil box

3 pocket folders

LOTS of pencils – #2 yellow (no fancy ones – they do not sharpen)

1 small pair of scissors

1 box of yummy snacks (no cookies)

1 backpack (labeled)

3 large boxes Kleenex

1 pair of indoor P.E. shoes

1 adult shirt for paint spills

pink erasers (3-4) throughout year

Some items need to be replenished during the school year!

Please label all things – especially winter clothes!

Grade 2

Pencil box

1 box pencils*

1 box colored pencils

1 box crayons

6 glue sticks*

1 package loose-leaf paper (wide)

1 composition notebook (wide ruled)

2 folders

1 package sticky notes

2 highlighters

1 blue pen

2 erasers


4 dry erase markers

2 Kleenex boxes

1 paint shirt

PE shoes

Water bottle (optional)

*might need to be replenished

Grade 3

2 wide-ruled notebooks

1 box 24/48-count crayons

1 box 24-count colored pencils

1 box 48-count #2 HB pencils

1 pink eraser

1 ruler

Elmer’s liquid glue

4 white glue sticks

2 pens

5-6 cloth book covers


Paint shirt

Non-marking P.E. shoes

2 boxes tissues

Grade 4


Cordless computer mouse (Chromebook)

Ear buds (Chromebook)

#2 pencils: 24 pack

1 glue stick and 1 bottle Elmer’s glue

1 pair of scissors

Colored pencils (12 pack)

Markers (8 pack)

Pencil sharpener

2 big pink erasers

1 composition notebook (wide ruled)

2 wide rule notebooks

1 package loose-leaf paper (wide ruled)

1 homework folder

Ruler (cm/inch)

1 box Ziploc sandwich bags

2 boxes Kleenex

Pencil box/pouch

Grade 5

1 box pencils

1 box 24 count crayons

1 box 24 count colored pencils

1 box markers

2 pink erasers


Glue sticks

4 different colored highlighters

8 composition notebooks (9×7) Please no spiral notebooks

2 boxes Kleenex

1 pencil box

1 package index cards

Grade 6

One 3-ring binder

Four hole-punched plastic (or other) sturdy folders for binder

2-3 packages loose-leaf paper

1-2 packages graph paper

2 packages pencils


2 pink erasers


Ruler (centimeters and inches)



5-6 book covers

PE shoes (clean, non-marking soles)

PE clothes

Composition notebooks (9×7) Please no spiral bound notebooks

Grade 7 – 12

7th grade – Composition notebooks (9×7) will be needed for Mrs. Spencer’s class. Please no spiral bound notebooks.

7th – 12th grades – A notebook and a red pen will be needed for Mrs. Sparks’ English/Literature class.

l0th grade – index cards (recipe cards) will be needed for the l0th grade English/Literature class.