Heart River hires new volleyball coach

By Jake Wright

Courtesy of Dickinson Press

Kylie Hadley is the new volleyball coach at Heart River. Kylie Hadley has been preparing her whole life to be a volleyball coach, and she will get the opportunity to be one before she even finishes her undergraduate degree at Dickinson State University.

Hadley has been hired as the new volleyball coach at Heart River.

Hadley played two years of volleyball at Rocky Mountain College in Billings, MT, before transferring for her final two seasons to Dickinson State.

She will graduate from Dickinson State in the spring of 2020 with her Bachelors Degree.

“I am excited to build relationships with the students and athletes, said Hadley. “I want to apply the knowledge I have learned in school to real life situations.”

The sport is something that has been instilled in her since a very young age. Hadley grew up always in a gym as her mom has been the volleyball coach in Baker, MT, at Baker High School for two decades.

The chance to start her profession was something she could not pass up. Hadley wants to not only teach her players a lot of skills about the sport, but also life lessons.

She wants her players to come to her for advice on volleyball and off the court things as the players go through a learning time of their life.

“I want my players to have an open mind with a new coach,” said Hadley. “I want to be able to teach them volleyball skills, because volleyball is a skill based sport. I will have to break everything down for them to help them learn. I enjoy breaking things down and teaching, and this will help me be a better teacher and coach. Another thing is, I also want to teach my players life lessons.”

The Cougars volleyball squad will begin their quest on Aug. 19, with their first practice. They will compete in their first tournament under Hadley’s direction almost two weeks later on Aug. 31, in Killdeer.

Being a student-athlete helped prepare Hadley for the job of multitasking in coaching and still going to school. She realized through her experiences how much work you have to put into both to be successful on the court and in the classroom.

In her first year at the helm of Heart River’s volleyball program, she will have high expectations for her team on the court, but she will have even loftier expectations on herself to help her players learn and grow.