Loved ones honored at the 16th Annual Lights of Life

By Shannon Johnson

Last Sunday, July 28 the Friends of FMC Foundation held their 16th annual “Lights of Life” event at Fallon Medical Complex in the FMC Dining Room.

Approximately fifteen people attended and made various donations to the general fund for the foundation to light seventy-six candles in luminary bags in remembrance of friends, family members, and loved ones that have passed on.

Luminaries were lit in memory of:

James “Jim” O’Connell, William “Bill” Fried, Michael “Mike” Griffith, Ruth Wang, Wayne Hanson, Tom  Overton, Barb Overton, Russell Culver, Vernard Schell, Thomas “Tom” McPhee, Roberta “Bertie” Elmore, Carla Peterson, Diana Gill, Dorothy Beckers, Darline Ketterling, Jerry Maurice, Violet

Baird, Bertha Sandmeier, Ruth Edinger Walth, Kenny


Shirley Jensen, David Elmore, Bonita “Bonnie” Duffield, Sylvia “Yvonne” Bagley, Diane Hockenbary, Arleen Beach, Kalli Beach McQuillan, Leon Houglum, Areatha Penn, Robert “Bob” Berndt, Hulda Dockter, Beverly Anderson, Patty Holliday, Marguerite Fisher, Randall “Randy” Pool, Mildred “Millie” Molstad, Patricia “Pat” O’Connor, Leighton Eldon James, Larry LaBree.

Doris Hering, Shirley “Rene” LaBree, Kelly Mahon, Evelyn Morrison, Mary Stark, Merle Clark, William “Bill” Crago, Clayton Hornung, MF Clancey, Katie Clancey, Leon Mangold, Barbara Mangold, Matt Mangold, Leonette Mangold Hiller, Wes Spotted Bear, Russell “Fay” Beach, Connie Crow, Jack Beach, Donald Beach, Leo Grenz, John G. O’Rourke.

Simon O’Rourke, Sr., Pauline O’Rourke Sadler, Ted Lawler, Anne Lawler, David Ranum, Tuff Ranum, Clyde Crawford, Jim Cybulski, Marianne Cybulski, Lenore Espeland, Patrick Cybulski, Barbara Cybulski, Charles “Chuck” Day, Joseph Landsverk, Orville Stevens, John Einar McWilliams, Doris Hastig, Loretta Dapkiewicz.

Refreshments were provided by the Knights of Columbus and there was a power point presentation as well as a guest speaker, Pastor Jim Biswell from the Medicine Rocks Church. Libby Solberg added to the night by playing music for those who attended on the new baby grand piano, something that Fallon Medical Complex was able to acquire through donations from Fallon Medical Complex Employees as well as the Knights of Columbus.

“I think it went well,” noted Karol Zachmann of the Friends of FMC Foundation “We do it to remember our loved ones and its more for that than it is for fundraising.”