Spiffy’s says “Thank You” with free rodeo tickets for the community

By Shannon Johnson

This year, local business, Spiffy’s had the idea to sponsor your General Admission tickets into both days of the PRCA Rodeo. “One of the best ways we could show our appreciation to the county and the surrounding areas is by doing something like this,” explained owner Jay Quenzer.

All the General Admission tickets will need to be redeemed the day of the event. Spiffy’s is sponsoring all the General Admission tickets, but there is not an unlimited amount of these. Each day at 10:30 a.m. they will start giving out tickets, so be sure to get in line so you don’t miss out on this generous deal that Spiffy’s is offering the community!

This year they made the decision to do their customer appreciation this way, as opposed to the traditional annual customer appreciation event they hold at their Spiffy’s location because they felt as though it was an excellent way to reach more people and really give back to their customers and community. They are hoping that they will reach new customers as well as giving their returning customers a well deserved “thank-you”. They are also excited to be down at the fair supporting the vendors and the community.

Along with the tickets they will also have the Mobil 1 NASCAR in front of the grandstand entrance and the simulator, so you may want to squeeze time in to go and check that out before the PCRA rodeo begins at 1 p.m.

In the meantime, be sure to swing into Spiffy’s and say thank-you for all that they do for the community!