Fun festivities for the 4th of July at Baker Lake

By Aaron Smith

On the Fourth of July, Tasha Losing hosted several activities, a food truck, and a bouncy house. There was plenty for all to enjoy!

The gazebo area was filled with activities. A colorful bouncy house was set up for kids to play on, a 6-team volleyball tournament was taking place along with a cornhole tournament, a water balloon toss, and there were wheelbarrow and three-legged races as well.

The first activity that took place was the beach volleyball tournament. Each team, after paying a $100 entry fee, was competing in a double-elimination bracket for cash prizes. With two courts, the matches would play on well into the evening, with the championship game taking place at around 6 pm that day. In the end, Hit it Quit it came out on top, beating the Hawks and taking home first place.

Throughout the day, several other events occurred as the volleyball teams worked their way through the six-team bracket. The first of these was a wheelbarrow race; this two-person race required that, while one person holds the legs of the other up, the pairs each race down to a marked spot, swap positions (the person who holds the legs of the other), and race back. The first, second, and third place all got to pick from an assortment of prizes donated by local businesses. Among these prizes were water bottles, inflatable pool toys, and t-shirts. The corn hole tournament, three-legged race, and water balloon toss all were done in a similar fashion; each of these events took place basically whenever it felt like there needed to be something else to do.

When asked about how the events at the gazebo went, host Tasha Losing was more than impressed. She said that, even though there was only a week and a half to plan and set up everything for the Fourth, she felt that “the fourth went very well.” She thought that the overall turnout was great considering there had only been a week of advertising; people kept coming by throughout the day. She also pointed out that, “without all the great local sponsors, it would not have been possible.”

The Fourth of July would not have been the same without all the happenings at the gazebo. Between the bouncy house, games, races, prizes, and food, it’s hard to imagine how time would have been spent all day before the start of the fireworks show.