Gill memorial bench dedication

On June 16, the Roland Gill family laid their precious wife and mother, Diana, to rest at the Bonnievale Cemetery in Baker. Following the graveside service, a park bench dedication at Iron Horse Park on Baker Lake was held in honor of Roland and Diana. Without the help of Kimberly Jensen, Brenda Wood and the Fallon County Commissioners this memorial bench would not have been possible.

Diana died Aug. 18, 2018 after a long battle with illness and falls. She was born in Baker in 1937 and lived there all of her life until her senior year of high school when she had to move to Boulder  where her mom was a nurse at the state school. She returned in 1955 when she married Roland. They opened a Mobil Gas Station in downtown Baker.

The Gill children’s greatgrandfather Rose built many of the houses on 6th Street East and Wyoming Avenue. All three children, Rollie, Carol and Terry, were born in one of those homes. They moved to a newly built home on Baker Lake which was damaged by the 2016 tornado. They moved to their second home right next door in 1977 and it was totally destroyed by the 2016 tornado. The house on the corner of 6th and Wyoming was not damaged at all. It was one built by their great grandfather, so they were very thankful.

Their entire family loves Baker and Baker Lake is a part of their hearts and well being. They played there, fished there, skated there, relaxed there, and built their dreams there. During rain storms, Carol and her brothers would sit under a quilt on the front porch and watch the storm on the lake. In the fall and winter, they would watch the birds come and go around the lake from their big picture window on the south side of the house. They heard the music from the Fallon County fairgrounds in August every year, and watched the fireworks reflect on the lake during the 4th of July. When it snowed they could walk across the lake to school and ice skate home. It was a magical place for each one of them.

It seemed only fitting that the place their parents would want to memorialize would be a cozy spot on Baker Lake for others to enjoy the beauty and joy that their family shared for five generations.   

It was a tiny miracle that after the devastating tornado of 2016, Baker Lake was repaired and filled back up exactly one week before their parents’ bench was installed and dedicated. God is good and the fine people of Baker were so helpful in making this once-in-a-lifetime event possible.