Baker High School music students reflect on successful Chicago tour

By Aaron Smith

Earlier this month, members of the Baker High School band and choir went on a Chicago tour. On this tour, the band and choir both performed, and everyone participated in various events and activities along the way. After briefly interviewing several members who attended the trip, it quickly became clear that the tour was an overall success.

“My favorite part was Six Flags and just enjoying the city,” sophomore trumpet player Peyton Janeway shared. Along with Peyton, many others agreed that Six Flags Amusement Park was a favorite. Along with this, the students also visited Shedd Aquariums, shopped along the Magnificent Mile, and did many other fun activities throughout their week in Chicago.

The band and choir also performed while in Chicago. When asked about the performance, recently graduated alto saxophonist Maleah Graham stated that “it was awesome to see people’s reactions when we played a song they knew.”

Senior trumpet player Katie Wang mirrored this sentiment, stating that “[she] enjoyed sharing our local pep band music with a different community.” It is clear that having the opportunity to share their music with a new and different crowd of people has been enjoyable to the BHS band and choir members.

Lastly, each student interviewed shared one important thing that they learned while on this Chicago tour. Sophmore alto saxophonist and choir member Emily Shumaker revealed that she learned of the importance of preparation when it comes to performing. She stated that “the performance site and preparing in advance are key factors” that determine the outcome of a performance. This knowledge will certainly prove beneficial in both choir and band in the future for Shumaker.

Others revealed more whimsical life lessons learned while on the tour. Katie Wang discovered that she will never again sleep on a bus in her lifetime, and Maleah Graham learned how to “speed shop.”

Overall, it is clear the Chicago tour was a success for the BHS music students. Many enjoyed having the opportunity to explore the city and experience new things. Also, the performances seemed to have been just as beneficial as they were successful; students enjoyed sharing their musical talents with the people of Chicago. Most importantly, the students were able to learn and grow from this experience both musically and personally as they experienced new things.