Bump N’ Run name changed to SCORR

By Shannon Johnson

Short Course Off Road Racing, formerly known as the Bump N’ Run, will be held this weekend. The name was changed to Short Course Off Road Racing, or SCORR this year. The name Bump N’ Run is an unpatented and nationally used name, however many individuals felt that the name “Bump N’ Run” no longer described the kind of racing that they were doing.

This race used to be a very high contact demolition derby style of racing; however, the regulations have changed over time and it’s evolved into racing with limited contact. Racers can still make contact, but they can’t deliberately ram into other vehicles.

SCORR will be held later in the day than it has been previously. On Saturday, June 15, the action will begin at 7 p.m. With the summer heating up organizers of SCORR are hoping that the weather will be a little more forgiving later in the day.

Bring your family and friends to enjoy the food vendors and beer gardens while watching cars and drivers from all across the state compete in this adrenaline filled event.


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