New Fallon County Times reporter

By Aaron Smith

I would like to introduce the Fallon County Times’ newest reporter: Aaron Smith (myself)! I started May 13, and I will be reporting for the Fallon County Times throughout the summer.

Here’s a little bit of my background. I graduated from Baker High School last year in 2018. Since about my junior year of high school, I’ve known that I wanted to pursue a career in journalism. After finishing high school, I began my college academic career at North Dakota State University in Fargo in August, and I am currently pursuing a degree in journalism.

My interest in journalism began when I realized that a career in this field would allow me to combine two of my biggest interests: sports and writing. But, after my first year of college, I’ve found that I also enjoy telling a compelling story. Whether it be something simple, like a local basketball game, or something more complex, like a criminal case, I enjoy having the opportunity to tell that story.

The Fallon County Times has given me a great opportunity to get valuable job experience as well as learn from a real newspaper after just my first year of college. I’m excited to learn all sorts of things as I continue to write for the paper this summer.