Plevna awards ceremony

By Chloe Tudor

May 14, was the awards ceremony for the Plevna Cougars. Mr. Schumacher gave a speech about the hard work and dedication the students put in this year, and that it really does show. Following that Mrs. Sparks presented sixteen awards for accelerated reader. The qualifiers were senior Jessica Paul; sophomores Dacy Buerkle, Jenna Paul, Ashley Sander, Trinity Rieger; freshmen Chloe Tudor, Jesse Isaacs, Lexi Wills; 8th graders Jaeda Paul, Nick Buerkle, and Wyatt Isaacs; 7th grader Sophia Schumacher; 6th graders Billie Jo Miller, Tonna MacYeaple, Ty Butler; and 4th grader Milo Isaacs. The top AR reader was Wyatt Isaacs, with 513 points.

To qualify for an English award, high school students achieved a 93% or better for all four quarters of the school year earning them a pin and certificate. The freshman students that earned this award were Lexi Wills, Jesse Isaacs and Chloe Tudor. The sophomore students that earned their pin and award were Jenna Paul, Dacy Buerkle, Ashley Sander and Trinity Rieger. The senior that earned her final English pin and certificate was Jessica Paul. Mrs. Spark’s Journalism students also received pins and certificates for their hard work in writing, editing and creating the school paper, articles for Fallon County Times and the school annual. Jessica Paul, Dacy Buerkle, Cole Edgell, Chloe Tudor, Seth Carroll, Ashley Sander, Jenna Paul and Lexi Wills all received their award.

Following this Mrs. Stockett and Mrs. Robertus, presented math awards to the students who maintained a 93% or higher, earning a pin and certificate. Jesse Isaacs, Chloe Tudor, Dacy Buerkle, Trinity Rieger, Ashley Sander and Jessica Paul all received a pin and certificate. Mrs. Stockett and Mrs. Robertus then handed it off to Mrs. Wagnon for music awards. Ashley Sander was awarded a patch for her first year as a High School choir member. Chloe Tudor, Lexi Wills, Cheyenne Farris, Dacy Buerkle and Jenna Paul all earned another bar for their participation in choir. Cooper Peterson, Seth Carroll, Brentan Beyers, Jesse Isaacs, Jenna Paul, Dacy Buerkle, Cheyenne Farris, Lexi Wills and Chloe Tudor were awarded bars for another year in band. Chloe Tudor was awarded the Outstanding Musician Award.

After the music awards were complete, Mr. Schumacher announced the Honor Roll awardees for first and second semester. Bret Edgell, Seth Carroll, Lily Hoeger, Dacy Buerkle, Cole Edgell, Cheyenne Farris, Jesse Isaacs, Lexi Wills, Jenna Paul, Jessica Paul, Trinity Rieger, Ashley Sander and Chloe Tudor all earned a spot on Honor Roll their first semester. The second semester Honor Roll recipients were Chloe Tudor, Ashley Sander, Trinity Rieger, Jenna Paul, Jessica Paul, Lexi Wills, Cheyenne Farris, Jesse Isaacs, Cole Edgell, Seth Carroll, Dacy Buerkle and Bret Edgell.

Upon completion of the Honor Roll awards, Mrs. Phelps and Ms. Boyer bestowed Junior High track awards. Students that hit a PR (personal record) on their last meet won an award; these students included Trae Oberlander, Wyatt Isaacs, Nick Buerkle, Jaiden Dulin, Hayden Lane, Jaeda Paul, Sophia Tudor and Sophia Schumacher. Sophia Schumacher also won the Junior High Coaches’ Award. They then moved on to High School track awards, Lexi Wills won the High School Coaches’ Award, and Jesse Isaacs won the Most Improved Award. High School students who lettered and moved on to Divisionals were Chloe Tudor, Lexi Wills, Cooper Peterson, Jenna Paul, Bret Edgell, Dacy Buerkle and Jessica Paul.

Mrs. Spencer followed the track awards with basketball awards. She announced that Chloe Tudor won Most Valuable Player of the Year, as well as the All-State Conference Award. Trinity Rieger received a letter for playing a varsity sport, and Dacy Buerkle, Jenna Paul, Chloe Tudor, Lexi Wills and Jessica Paul were given pins to commemorate another year of varsity sports. Jaiden Dulin was awarded the Most Improved Player, and Sophia Schumacher was awarded Most Valued Team Manager. She then announced Cole Edgell as Most Valuable Player and Nick Buerkle as the Most Improved Player on the Boys’ Team. To finish the awards ceremony, Ms. Kirschten announced Business Professionals of America National Results, recognizing Trinity Rieger and Jessica Paul. Another great year students, keep up the excellent work!