Kindergarten graduation

Back row (l-r): Shiloh Pinkey, Kevin Lewis, Weston Robertus, Kellan Knuths, Emory Rieger; front row (l-r): Alan Wiedmer, Kameron Fenner, Brynn Buerkle, Mason Lai.

By Ashley Sander

On May 21, the Kindergarten Graduation was held in the multi-purpose room at the Plevna School. The 2031 kindergarten graduating class includes Brynn Buerkle, Kameron Fenner, Kellan Knuths, Kevin Lewis, Mason Lai, Shiloh Pinkey, Emory Rieger, Weston Robertus and Alan Wiedmer.

The graduation began with the students walking in to Pomp and Circumstance, after which Mrs. Bidwell played a video with memories of their exciting school year. After the video, the kindergarten class presented their play A Crazy Story.

This play was a potpourri of several different children’s stories all wrapped into one. As the narrator, Shiloh Pinkey started her story of Little Red Riding Hood when suddenly Snow White, Emory Rieger, appeared in the play. The narrator directed her to the Three Little Pig’s house, played by Kameron Fenner, Mason Lai and Alan Wiedmer. They graciously invited Snow White into their abode. Shortly after this, Little Red Riding Hood, Brynn Buerkle, appeared in the story, but was informed that she was too early, so she departed.

Then Spiderman, Weston Robertus, zoomed into the story hoping to share his strength, but the narrator informed him that this story was not about him, so he left. Little Red Riding Hood again joined the narrator, soon to be followed by the Wolf, Mrs. Bidwell, who informed them she was not the big bad wolf!

Next, Prince Charming, Kellan Knuths, rushed into the story looking for a Princess to wear the glass slipper. Frustrated, the narrator gave up on telling the story of Little Red Riding Hood and rewrote the story to fit her characters. She finished it with Prince Charming trying his glass slipper on Snow White, and the story ended with all the characters living happily ever after! Thank you to Ms. Boyer’s 10th grade art class for making the masks, background and props.

After the play, the kindergarten students each presented flowers to their parents. Mr. Schumacher then presented each graduate with a certificate. Brynn Buerkle also received a perfect attendance certificate for having perfect attendance this school year. Congratulations, kindergarten graduates. We will see you in first grade next year!