Sophomores host Senior Banquet

Seniors opening their presents.

By Jessica Paul

May 14, the sophomore class hosted the Senior Banquet at the Plevna Park. At this banquet, guests were served a meal of hamburgers, chips, various salads and ice cream cake for dessert. As the guests were eating, they were given a quiz on “How well do you know the graduates?” They were asked several questions about the graduates. Following the quiz, the sophomore class tested the graduates on how well they knew the school. After many questions, Jessica Paul was announced the winner after which, ice cream cake was served. As dessert was being served, guests were welcome to share some of their favorite memories and stories of the gradutes. After stories were shared, the sophomore class handed seniors, Cole Edgell and Jessica Paul, their gag gift and their actual gift, which was a box filled with items that only need water added to be useful. At the conclusion, answers to the “How well do you know the graduates?” quiz were announced.