District Track results

By Caleb Ploeger

On May 11, the Baker Spartan track team journeyed to Colstrip to compete in the District Track meet. Other than the wind, which unfortunately always blows in Eastern Montana, it was a beautiful day for a meet. Most of the track team had a good day and  the top 6 moved on to Divisionals.

In the 100M dash Jayden Allen placed 4th, Wrenzi Wrzesinski placed 2nd, Ashlyn Lutts placed 3rd, and Katie Wang placed 5th. In the 200M dash Donnie Steen placed 5th, Wrenzi took gold, Katie took bronze, and Peyton Janeway placed 6th. In the 400M dash Jayden and Ashlyn took silver, Peyton took bronze, and Macee Hadley placed 4th. In the 800M run Jayden took 3rd, Ashlyn placed 2nd and Macee took 5th. In the 1600M run Caleb Ploeger took 6th and in the 3200M run he took 4th. In the 110M hurdles Sean Shelhamer took gold and Jory Miller took bronze, Wrenzi took gold and Katie took 4th. In the 300M hurdles Sean took 2nd, Jory took 3rd, and Wrenzi took 1st. The girls 4×100 relay placed 1st and was run by Ashlyn, Katie, Emilia Cuppy, and Anika Ploeger. The boys placed 3rd and was run by Sean, Jory, Donnie, and Riley O’Donnell. In the 4×400 relay the boys placed 3rd and it was run by Jory, Donnie, Caleb, and Jayden. The girls took 2nd and it was run by Ashlyn, Macee, Emily Shumaker, and Peyton. In Shot Put Riley took 3rd and Andie Batchelor took 6th. In Discus McKenna Griffith took 5th and Laylah Dulin took 6th. In Javelin Riley took 4th and Trevor Lingle took 5th, Andie took 2nd, Hannah Gonsioroski took 3rd, Emily took 4th, and McKenna took 6th. In High Jump Sean took 3rd, Jayden took 4th, and Sady Harbaugh took 2nd. Trevor Lingle won Pole Vault. In Long Jump Donnie Steen took 5th, Wrenzi took gold, Emily took silver, Anika took bronze, and Hannah took 4th. And in Triple Jump Donnie took 1st, Riley took 3rd, and Jory took 6th, and Anika took 1st, Emily took 3rd, Hannah took 4th, and Macee took 6th.