Baker BPA members bring the heat to Anaheim

By Jayden Allen

On May 1, five Baker High School students and members of the Baker BPA chapter departed to attend the National Business Professionals of America convention in Anaheim, CA. The students representing Baker, who qualified earlier this year at the state BPA competition were Trevor Lingle, Trinity Dietz, Caleb Ploeger, Will Rost and Jayden Allen. After driving to Bismarck, ND for their flight, these BPA students arrived in Anaheim Wednesday evening.

Attending the national competition were students from all over the United States who were competing in areas such as computer programming, Microsoft programs, prepared speech, 3d printing and design and other business related areas. Competitions were held from Thursday all the way through Saturday. Saturday night, all competitors in each event attended the awards ceremony for the competitions. Although none of the Baker attendees placed in the top ten in their event to make stage, they competed extremely well with Trevor Lingle placing 30th in Java Programming, and 16th in Visual Basic Programming, Trinity Dietz placed 23rd in Computer Modeling, Caleb Ploeger place 35th in Java Programming and 23rd in Visual Basic Programming, Will Rost placed 26th in PC Servicing and Troubleshooting and 29th in Visual Basic Programming and Jayden Allen placed 11th in C++ programming and 19th in Visual Basic Programming. In addition to competing in their events, these students were able to explore the surrounding area of Anaheim, visiting both Universal Studios, and an Angels baseball game. When asked about the trip, Trinity Dietz said, “Competing was nerve-racking but also unforgettable. I’m looking forward to being in BPA next year.”