A Day of Celebration for Fallon County seniors

By Aaron Smith

Graduation can be an exciting time for all involved. Family and friends from all over come together in celebration, parents enjoy the end result of countless years of schooling, and, of course, seniors conclude their time in high school and prepare to venture out into the world as adults.

Last week on May 19, our very own class of 2019 congregated into the Longfellow band room as they waited eagerly for the clock to strike 2 p.m.. Each of the 27 soon-to-be graduates, dressed in their white gowns and uniquely decorated caps, huddled together for picture upon picture.

“This is actually harder than high school,” Hannah Gonsioroski said with a laugh as cameras continued to flash. This drew laughter from many of the parents.

Soon after the cameras were put away, the seniors were organized into two lines just outside the door to the gymnasium. Once everyone was in place, the students walked out in alphabetical pairs as the school band began playing the usual graduation songs. Another flurry of photos were snapped as each pair walked past the countless rows of proud parents and loved ones towards their seats in the front of the gym.

Once each graduate took his or her seat, Valedictorian Jayden Allen and Salutatorian Lily Hansen took the stage. Both individuals presented an excellent speech; both Jayden’s and Lily’s words carried themes of determination, perseverance, appreciation, and confidence for the future.

After Jayden and Lily concluded their speeches, commencement speaker Jessica Boggs was introduced. She spoke of the class of 2019’s successes, hard work, and, most importantly, their similarities to a diamond. Boggs used this simile to point out the large amounts of time and effort the class has put in to make it to this important milestone, the pressure they’ve overcome to succeed, and the various moments and events that have shaped each graduate into the person he or she is today.

Finally, it was time for the moment the graduates had been probably not-so-patiently waiting for: the presentation of diplomas. Each graduate that was called to the stage was met with cheers as the diploma was handed over and applause as the tassel was symbolically turned from the right to the left side of the cap.

Once everyone had crossed that stage for the final time, the high school careers of the class of 2019 ended just how it started: with the playing of the school song.

Congratulations to the class of 2019!

Top Ten Scholars: Jayden Allen, Wrenzi Wrzesinski, Lillianna Hanson, Hannah Gonsioroski, Maleah Graham, Countney Tudor, Hunter Mashak, Trevor Lingle, Bradley Kallevig, Madison Moore.


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