Mrs. Wang’s third grade chick project

By Taylor Bruski, Emmalyn Miller and David Rosman

Chirp, chirp, chirpety chirp! In Mrs. Wang’s third grade class, chicks are on the loose! The 18 third graders in Mrs. Wang’s class put 22 eggs in an incubator. After 21 days, 16 chicks hatched. Mrs. Wang told us it would take awhile for them to peck out of the shell, but our first chick popped right out! We had brown, gray, black and yellow chicks. It was very fun!

Once they hatched, we worked in groups of three to observe our chicks. We measured and recorded the length of the chicks’ wings, beaks, and middle toes and weighed them to see how much they grew. They grew so fast! We also made other observations like when they lost their egg tooth, how active they were, and more.

We hatched the chicks for fun and learning, and it was very cool!