Rost lands summer internship with Wartzila

By Shannon Johnson

    On May 13th Baker native, Dustin Rost, will be traveling to the east coast for a summer internship with a Finnish based company, Wartzila. “They have one shop in North America in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and basically they do work on cruise ships, submarine ships, and any marine based diesel application,” he explained. “They have their own series of engines.” Recently Wartzila signed a contract with the cruise company Carnival Cruise Lines.

   Twenty-year-old Dustin, son of Roy and Melissa Rost, graduated from Baker High School in 2017. When Dustin was attending Baker High School, he was active in several extracurricular activities including track for a year, wrestling for three, and football throughout all four years of his high school career.

    Since then he has been attending Montana State University Northern in Havre, Montana. He originally was going to do a four-year degree in auto and a four-year degree in diesel but has since decided that he would be in school significantly longer than he wanted if he does that. “I might do the four year in diesel and a two year in auto,” Dustin said. “I don’t know though, we’ll see.”

   Wartzila will pay for housing, transportation, and a per diem for food when they are on jobs that are not in Fort Lauderdale. “They basically pay for everything. Basically, all you have to do is show up,” Dustin chuckled.

   Dustin isn’t sure yet what projects Wartzila will put him on. He knows that the first week they will be covering safety procedures with the interns before starting jobs. He is eager for the plans he has outside of his internship. “I’ll probably go to the beach. I imagine I’ll go eat at some place I haven’t been and see some sights I haven’t seen.”

   After Dustin’s internship is over in August, he will return to Montana for his third year of college. Next summer he will try to return for an internship at Wartzila again if he enjoys it. If not, he will look for other companies to do an internship with. “I’ve never been really anywhere but Montana. I’m very excited and nervous,” Dustin laughed.