Harvest of the month

By Chloe Tudor

Montana’s Harvest of the Month for May is Chickpeas. Chickpeas enjoyed for 7,000 years, have another name, Garbanzo beans! These small beans inherited their name from resembling the appearance of a chick’s beak. Chickpeas classify as a legume, and have the common trait of root nodules that fix nitrogen into the soil, helping replenish the dirt with good nutrients. The chickpea plant is bushy and grows pods; each pod contains one to three chickpeas. The bush grows anywhere from eight inches to three feet tall, surviving best in dry climates. Chickpeas are a very healthy food, containing phosphorus and zinc, for bone-building nutrients; iron, for healthy circulation; and folate, for energy production and white blood cell health. Overall, Chickpeas are an important legume for planting, and consuming. Watch for chickpeas in the Plevna School lunch menu!