Smart School Challenge

By Jessica Paul

This is the fifth year that Plevna has completed the Saving Money and Resources Today (SMART) School Challenge. Across Montana, more than 50 public schools were enrolled in the 2018-2019 Challenge. Nearly 82,000 pounds of waste were diverted from landfills, which is equivalent to 247 cars not being driven for a year. Montana schools saved $193,495 in energy costs, allowing 19,275 seedling trees to be grown for ten years. Several public schools either created or continued greenhouse projects this year. Schools built outdoor classrooms, bike share programs were employed, school yard air quality was monitored, and schools tackled food waste from cafeterias by using worms.

Plevna’s SMART School Project was changing our fluorescent lights to more efficient LED versions. This was made possible through a $500 grant that the school received through the SMART School program. Out of the more than 50 schools enrolled in the Challenge, Plevna was one of 13 to be selected as a winner for promoting energy efficiency.


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