Fourth grade rock activity

Fourth grade students with their rock types.

By Jessica Paul

The fourth grade recently learned about rock cycles and different kinds of rocks. They learned that sedimentary rocks are formed by the deposition of small particles and cementation of mineral particles on ocean floors. Mrs. Isaacs used colored rice in a cup to depict the formation of sedimentary rocks; examples of this rock type include shale, limestone and sandstone. They also learned about igneous rocks, which are formed through the cooling and solidification of lava. Lava is the collection of molten rock particles that exist within the Earth’s crust. This rock type was shown by melting crayons together and cooling it off; examples of this type would include basalt, obsidian, and granite. Finally, they learned about metamorphic rock, which is formed after being subjected to pressure and heat, causing it to go through physical and chemical change. Metamorphic rocks were illustrated with flattened and compressed playdough; examples of metamorphic rock include slate and marble. So if you want to know what kind of a rock you may have picked up, just ask a fourth grader!


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