Third grade – Famous Faces

By Jessica Paul

The third grade had their annual Famous Faces Museum. The students were recently discussing people who have made a difference in the world. They asked themselves what they knew about these people and how each person made their impact. After their discussions, the third grade made their selections. Students used their Chrome Books to find fun facts that many people did not know about their character. They also tried to find out new information about the person they selected.

Aniya Barto – Rosa Parks

Dina Beyers – Amelia Earhart

Blaine Buerkle – Abraham Lincoln

Colton Lane – Wilbur Wright

Tucker MacYeaple – Martin Luther King Jr.

Trace Poppe – George Washington

Jackson Robertus – George Patton

Claire Schumacher – Jane Goodall

Devyn Schwartz – Johnny Appleseed

Danika Steen – Betsy Ross

Emma Thielen – Helen Keller


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