Fourth grade make rubber band racers

Fourth grade with their racers.

By Jessica Paul

Fourth grade students were challenged to create a rubber band racer. The students had just recently learned about traction and friction. Traction is simply friction between two objects. These racers were made with dowels, connector strips, hole plates, wheels, stretch tires, screws, nuts, slide stops, stop clips, and rubber bands. Students had to cut the dowels down to the correct sizes and then hammer them into the hole plate to create their frame. Following the frames creation, students would cut more dowels to attach the wheels to their frame. After letting go of the wheels, the racer shot off like a rocket. Students then had the opportunity to choose to use tires; if so, they then attached rubber bands and wound the racers up again. By attaching rubber bands to the tires, there was increased traction between the wheels and the ground.

After that, the fourth graders decided to compete and see how far their racers would travel. Milo Isaacs’ racer traveled the farthest at 33 ft. Following him was Abagayel Stonebrink – 26 ft. 1 in., Caleb McLachlan – 24 ft. 1 in., Cru Schwartz – 23 ft. 6 in., Jordan Paul – 21 ft. 10 in., Dakota Steen – 20 ft., Kaeden Oberlander – 17 ft. 11 in., Lizzy Cole – 16 ft. 5 in., Ahren Goben – 15 ft. 2in., and Sara Tudor – 3 ft. 8 in. Great job with your racers fourth grade!


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