Jesus, the reason for all seasons

In the modern world, we have many “seasons”. These include the weather seasons (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall), the sports seasons (hunting, football, basketball, baseball, etc.), holiday seasons (Christmas, Easter, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, etc.), and even seasons of life (childhood, college student, new parent, and the retired). We all have our favorite seasons and not so favorite seasons. The seasons we can’t wait to get through, the seasons we don’t want to experience. I prefer Fall season, Baseball season, and the parenting season of life I am in right now. Your combination is going to look quite different I am sure.

Out of all those seasons, we hear at Christmas time that Jesus is the “reason for the season.” That is definitely true. At Christmas time we remember the true reason for Christmas, which is the birth of Jesus our Savior. Although that is true, Jesus didn’t come just to be the reason for the season at Christmas…. Jesus came to be the reason for every season. What better time to remember this than right now, the Easter season, when we take a moment to remember what Jesus did on the cross so we could have eternal life. (John 3:16)

Whatever season you are in, your favorite… or least favorite… remember Jesus.

•Sporting season: when you are watching your kids play basketball- remember Jesus

•Calving season: when you are helping your heifers deliver their first calf-remember Jesus

•Holiday season: when you are setting off fireworks to celebrate our independence-remember Jesus

•Weather season: when you are sitting on your rocking chair in the crisp fall air wearing your favorite sweater and watching the leaves change colors-remember to include Jesus

Remember, Jesus is the reason for all seasons…so remember Him (and live for Him)!

Pastor Josh McLachlan