WANTO – Women in Apprenticeships and Non-Traditional Occupations

The High School girls each received a Rosy the Riveter T-Shirt.

By Jessica Paul

On March 28, Ms. Boyer asked Paula Hunthausen to speak to the Plevna high school girls as a part of the WANTO – Women in Apprenticeships and Non-Traditional Occupations program. Paula first discussed with the students some vital skills that never really seem important but can make a huge difference in the workplace. These skills included being able to work with people you do not necessarily like, being accountable for your actions, and doing what is asked of you. After discussing these skills, she spoke about using your values to find a possible future profession, even if it takes you some time to figure out where your future lies. She discussed non-traditional occupations, including construction and running heavy machinery. These are considered non-traditional occupations for women because there are very few women in these fields of work. Paula also gave students information handouts of colleges that offer degree programs for these careers, as well as a list of jobs that are considered non-traditional. The students enjoyed visiting with Paula about these kinds of careers and workforce opportunities.


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